EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU – Paperback Launch This Week!

Gone Girl for the VR generation . . . when the book is released ask Alexa to order you a copy. But be careful she doesn’t read it before you do, she may just tell the delivery drone that we’re onto them. 


The paperback of Everything About You is finally here! It will be launched at Foyles bookshop in Bristol, on Thursday 21st February – come along and enjoy a lively evening of speculative fiction.

Freya has been lucky enough to get hold of a virtual assistant which knows everything about her and will fulfil her every desire. But there is something strange about its voice…

Futures Far and Near: Gareth L. Powell and Heather Child in Conversation

This is a joint book launch with Gareth L. Powell, author of the acclaimed Embers of War, a thrilling space opera featuring living ships, sentient forests, compelling characters and big questions about the nature of war. He will be launching the sequel, Fleet of Knives, at this event.

I’ll be talking about Everything About You, the future that is just around the corner, and how much control we are happy to concede to AI and automation technologies. What’s the worst that could happen, should you hand over your decision-making to an intelligence smarter than your own?

In these times of huge uncertainty, and with Brexit just around the corner, questions of identity loom large, and science fiction is perhaps the only clear lens we have with which to examine them.

Don’t miss out! Join us on Thursday 21 February, 7.30pm – 9.00pm.

Foyles bookshop, Cabot Circus, Bristol.


Discover it… before it discovers you


Small publishers gather in Bath

This weekend I was in Bath with Writers Unchained, meeting lots of other writers’ collectives, small presses and other creatives.

It was a good chance for all the publishers based in the Westcountry – like Tangent Books, Wizard’s Tower Press and Silver Crow Books – to come together, get to know one another and share their wares with the public.

Talking AI at the Dystopian Book Club

James Smythe’s dystopian novel I Still Dream, is also about an artificial intelligence, and deals with many of the same themes as Everything About You. Thus it was no problem launching into a lively and in-depth AI debate when I joined him in London – along with Rachel Heng, author of Suicide Club – at the Dark Societies dystopian book club. 

One topic that seemed to strike a particular chill in the audience was the idea of AI clones of people being able to continue their lives after death. We discussed the (now defunct) @LivesOn Twitter service, which would digest a person’s tweets and then continue to interact as they would, even after they are gone. 

It was a great event, marred only by having to compete with the World Cup semi-final… which really separated out the true fans of sci-fi fiction!