NEWS  |   29 April 2018

Latest reviews and displays

Local authors for local people: Forbidden Planet Bristol set up this excellent table display…

Forbidden Planet Bristol

You can see Everything About You reviewed in the Daily Mail, Sunday Sport and Guardian. One of my favourites is this intelligent and insightful review from Blue Book Balloon.

“We can, if we want, keep the option of living our own lives, rather than just following the choices the algorithms make for us…”

NEWS  |   26 April 2018

Launch day!

Everything About You finally hit the shelves today, and signings took place at Goldboro books in London and Forbidden Planet London and Bristol.

Everything About You



NEWS  |   30 Mar 2018

Starburst gives the book a thumbs-up

Everything About You has received its first review, by Tony Cowin of Starburst Magazine, and what a corker it is too.

Everything About You in Starburst

Everything About You is more than a Gone Girl for the VR generation, however. It’s a deep look at how technology is overtaking more complex threads of our lives. Everything from work to easing decision anxiety. It’s a future where you don’t even have to ask a question because Smartface knows what you need even before you do.

Read the full review here:

NEWS  |   10 Feb 2018

Advance reading copies arrive at the Orbit offices


Advance copies are winging their way to authors and reviewers, and hopefully they’ll be well-received!

NEWS  |   22 Dec 2017

Exclusive Cover Reveal in Sci-fi Now

Everything About You by Heather Child exclusive cover reveal!

NEWS  |   4 Sept 2017

The new title for Smartface is Everything About You

We are becoming more familiar with the idea that we are products online, our identity bundled up to allow advertisers to target us with ever-increasing precision.

The smartface takes this a step further: knowing everything about you as the prerequisite to giving you exactly what you want, in every aspect of your life, now and in the future. You can sit back, relax, and leave the decision-making to a system that knows you better than you know yourself.

PRESS RELEASE  |   18 May 2017


Little, Brown Book Group imprint Orbit is delighted to announce the acquisition of Smartface, an exceptional debut by Bristol-based author Heather Child.

Senior commissioning editor Jenni Hill acquired world rights in two crossover novels from Julie Crisp of the Julie Crisp Literary Agency, and Smartface will be published by Orbit in summer 2018.

It tells the story of a woman whose virtual assistant takes on the personality of her missing sister – shedding new light on a missing persons case from years before.

Exploring the blurred lines between reality and fantasy, this high-concept thriller examines what happens when smart becomes too smart, when people accumulate so much data online that they can be recreated as data ghosts and lives can be changed by the information they’ve left behind.

Heather Child says: ‘With intelligent assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa becoming commonplace, I wanted to look at what might happen if we willingly handed over control of our lives to algorithms that know us better than we do ourselves. It’s hugely exciting to be working with Orbit on this data-ghost story.’


Julie Crisp says: ‘Heather’s visionary tale of futuristic technology set against the emotional tale of a girl’s search for her lost sister is a brilliant fusing of high-concept ideas with a commercial storyline. With Orbit’s success with authors such as Claire North and M. R. Carey, they are the perfect home for this exciting new author.’


Jenni Hill says: ‘Smartface is a startlingly brilliant and probably (worryingly) quite accurate vision of the future, with completely engaging characters who simply carried me through the novel from beginning to end in record time. The book is so accomplished it is difficult to believe it is a debut, and I know that readers, reviewers and booksellers will be likewise blown away by the talent on show here.’

About Heather Child

Based in Bristol, Heather Child received AHRC funding for an MA in Writing at the University of Warwick in 2008, working with writers including Maureen Freely, Rebecca Abrams and China Miéville. Her work has appeared in a range of literary magazines including Mslexia, the Storgy 2014 Short Story Anthology and Under the Radar online. She is a communications professional and former chartered marketer. Her work on digital marketing has brought her into close contact with the cutting-edge automation and personalisation technologies that herald the ‘big data’ age. Smartface is a debut novel.

About Little, Brown Book Group

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