Everything About You

But it’s not you, obviously, is it? She snatches the image from her mind before it can form, those long-forgotten fantasies of a girl on a railway platform, sheltering somewhere, clutching a phone to her ear.

What happens when your whole life can be monitored and manipulated by algorithms?

Freya has been lucky enough to get hold of a smartface, an virtual online assistant which knows everything about her and will fulfill her every desire.

But there is something strange about its voice, and Freya is horrified to discover it has taken on the personality of her sister Ruby, who disappeared when they were teenagers.

It seems so alive, so real, that it is almost as though her sister might still be out there somewhere, feeding new data into ‘the cloud’. But that’s impossible, isn’t it?

The Data Age

We are now entering the data age, in which the average person will feature in over 1,000 online images by their fifth birthday, in which everything you say or do will be monitored as never before, from birth to death.

It’s a world where technology more fundamentally understands you, so you don’t have to understand it.

– Alex Kipman, Microsoft

This book is what happens when smart becomes too smart.

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